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Lipoid-Preschools of The Future in Qiaojia County

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Author: Qiaojia project team

On June 18, 2020, The HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE Preschools of The Future in Anju Village and Laowu Village, Chongxi Town, Qiaojia County, which are funded by the German Lipoid Foundation, started smoothly.

The opening ceremony was held in Laowu Village Preschool, with attending people including Pan Xuanming, the principal of the village primary school, Hao Xiaopeng, support officer of HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE, Buzi Yiri and Areme  Lazuo, project leaders of the Qiaojia project, and dozens of parents. At the ceremony, the headmaster first celebrated the successful opening of the class and delivered an important speech on the daily operation and management in the future, and on how to do a good job in the safety and security of children. On behalf of the local villagers, he sincerely thanked the Lipoid Foundation for its support and believed that the implementation of the project will push forward the local preschool education.


Speech by Pan Xuanming, the primary school headmaster of Laowu Village, Chongxi Town

In addition, the project leader Buzi Yiri introduced the original intention and purpose of supporting Laowu Village to everyone present, and emphasized that the assistance mainly included providing toys and teaching aids, organizing teaching training, improving classrooms and other hardware facilities, partaking in education instructional design, and offering technical support. Our aim is to make the class better and better. At the same time, we hope teachers and parents can support it to carry out quality education and teaching, and let kids get better and happier as much as possible.


The children in Anju Village Preschool having a picture book lesson

Hao Xiaopeng, Pan Xuanming, and the teacher of the preschool, Guo Enmei, were among those who distributed school bags and stationery to the students. Finally, we held the awarding ceremony and took a group photo.


Distribute schoolbags to the children of Laowu Village Preschool




Group photo of Laowu Village Preschool after awarding

From March to early April,  Preschools of The Future in Laowu Village and Anju Village have basically completed the preliminary project work, including baseline investigation, site selection, teacher recruitment and interview, with the assistance of Qiaojia Education Department. From April 23 to May 4, the 12-days pre-job training  for teachers was successfully completed in Beifu Kindergarten of Qiaojia County, mainly to make teachers understand and be familiar with the content and usage of teaching materials applied by HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE, while focusing on providing various educational knowledge suitable for children's development to the 2 new teachers.

After obtaining the unified permission of the local education department to open the classes on May 25 (due to the COVID lockdown, all preschools had been closed since March 1), the project team began to enroll students for hte two preschools. Among them, the Anju Preschool enrolled 26 children, and the Laowu Preschool 30 children.


The project team of HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE discussed with representatives of the Laowu Village Primary School on the project


The pre-job training for preschool teachers


Teachers learn to use textbook applied by HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE in the pre-job training

While carrying out pre-job training for teachers and enrolling students, Qiaojia Project Office staff and Kunming Service Center discussed matters such as equipment provision and procurement of the preschools. In mid-June, the toys and teaching aids were delivered to the preschools. After the toys and teaching aids were installed and arranged, they started smoothly on June 18, 2020.

In addition, the project will also repair and replace the classrooms, outdoor activity sites, doors and windows, so that the children in the preschools have a comfortable teaching environment and a safe outdoor activity space. In order to enable the kids in the Laowu Village and Anju Village to spend their happy nursery time in the new preschools as soon as possible, all renovation will be arranged during the summer vacation in August.


The project team is assembling cabinets for Anju Village Preschool


The project team is assembling cabinets for Laowu Village Preschool


Laowu Village Preschool after equipment installation and layout


Anju Village Preschool after equipment installation and layout


Children in Anju Village Preschool are playing tricycles


Children in Laowu Village Preschool are playing with toys

Tricycles, picture books, plasticine, well as the rich and interesting preschool life, all of which bring infinite fun to those children. In the preschools, the children will take everyone's blessing and expectation, and begin their long journeys to pursue their dreams.

- EMD - 

Project introduction:

Funded by Germany Lipoid Foundation, “HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE’s Preschools of The Future in Anju and Laowu Village of Qiaojia County” is implemented in cooperation with the Federation for Associations connected to the International HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE Movement (Switzerland) Yunnan Office and the Yunnan Youth Development Foundation.

The project takes pre-school education as the breakthrough point, to establish standardized preschools in poor rural areas. The project renovates and decorates idle rooms in the village and uses them as classrooms to provide a safe and comfortable learning and playing environment for children. The curriculum focuses on the knowledge of nature, animals, nutrition and health, as well as how to express themselves through art and music, so that preschool-age children living in rural areas can also get all-round development in morality, intelligence, physique and arts. Enrolling children aged 3-6 in classes with different ages, the project starts from two modules: teaching hardware upgrade and teacher development. At the same time, the project supervises and manages the daily operation of the preschool, assists teachers in training parents, creates a safe and healthy learning and living environment for those children, allows them to enjoy a quality pre-school education, enables them to obtain diversified opportunities for healthy growth, and make full preparations for entering primary school.


The article only represents the author's personal views, and is not related to the funder.