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Humana People to People China 2020 Annual Report (English version) now published

Source:互满爱人与人国际运动联合会(瑞士)云南代表处Date:2021-07-08 15:24:23Click:91


In the past year, we are full of harvest and joy.

At any point of time we stand for "Fighting Shoulder to Shoulder with The Poor, West China needs your support".

In 2020, we started the Fengdu Community Development Project in Chongqing and the European Union-Humana People to People's Yunnan Low-carbon Schools Pilot Project. Also, POF Huize and POF Qiaojia added 39 new preschool classes.

Also, we successfully completed the project of "Changing pre-primary classes to preschools" and "One village, One preschool" in Ning'er County, the ‘Comprehensive Rural Community Development Project in Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture’, the "One Township, One Kindergarten" Demonstration Preschool Project in Luowu Township, Puge County, the ‘Liangshan Children's Health and Nutrition Community Development Project’, and finally also the ‘Technical Support Project for AIDS Prevention in Key Villages and Towns of Liangshan Prefecture, Liangshan Prefecture Village-level TCE Officers/Mother-child Caregivers Capacity Building Promotion Project’.

In 2020, with a total of 11 projects, including rural preschool education, rural development, children's nutrition and health, Total Control of the Epidemic (TCE), and

Low carbon school pilot projects, we touched the lives of about 138,000 people.

"The journey is long and the future is promising." We will continue to fight for a better tomorrow.


For more information, please download the Humana People to People China 2020 Annual Report (English Version).