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About Humana People to People China


Humana People to People China (“HPP China”) is an organization fighting with The Poor - foremost in poor rural villages – and aiming at sustainable development with an ‘Open Future’ for everyone.

HPP China came to China in 2005. HPP China started as ‘Humana People to People Cooperation Project Office of Yunnan Province’ under the Poverty Alleviation and Development Office of Yunnan Province in June 2005.

We have been recorded at the Yunnan Civil Affairs Department as an Overseas NGO Representative Office of ‘The Federation for Associations connected to the international Humana People to People Movement’.since July 2010.

We want to contribute to bridge the big four gaps in China (Urban-Rural, East-West, Rich-Poor, Men-Women). 

We realize that in China we have 100 million poor living below the national poverty line of Rmb2,300/year, that more than 40% of children in poverty areas are undernourished and that China - being #104 on the Human Development Index - is faced with many other challenges on its way forward to build a harmonious moderately well-off society.
We believe that all people have an equal right to live a dignified life with access to basic needs such as food, health service and education. We also believe that the world has the resources to make this possible. We see overcoming poverty and ensuring human development as a holistic process involving many people: children, parents, teachers, farmers, health workers, passionate community members, local leaders, provincial and national governments and international partners.
We believe that poverty can be overcome through coordinated, community-wide approaches that combine education, improved livelihoods, increased production, health and sanitation, the empowerment of women and environmental protection.
Humana People to People China works as a part of civil society to contribute to these goals.

We operate projects within four key areas of development. Each project contributes to the fulfilment of the three overall objectives in our mission statement. We have reached over 3.15 million people since we started projects in 2007.

Humana People to People China’s mission is

·To promote solidarity between people
·To create development in the broadest sense through the implementation of projects that aim at transferring knowledge, skills and capacity to individuals and communities that need assistance to come out of poverty and other dehumanizing conditions
·To promote a better life for the underprivileged and the most needy part of the population

Areas of Intervention of Humana People to People China
·Agriculture and Environment
Our ‘Farmers’ Clubs Projects’ (‘FC’) build skills, improve productions, change income generation patterns and address the consequences of climate change together with farming communities by exploring sustainable agricultural practices, water resource management and improving soil health.
·Rural Development
Our ‘Community Development Projects’ (‘CD’) fight shoulder to shoulder with The Poor for improvement of livelihood, health, education and village facilities.
·Education Projects
Our ‘Preschools of the Future Projects’ (‘POF’) assist remote communities to establish community preschool classes and give rural children the chance to break the cycle of poverty.
Our ‘Total Control of the Epidemic’ Projects (‘TCE’) (HIV/AIDS), ‘HOPE Humana TB Projects’ (Tuberculosis) and ‘Total Malaria Control Projects’ (Malaria) work with people affected by HIV/AIDS, TB and Malaria and the local community, health workers and government in the target areas to join hands to control these diseases through health education, counselling and testing services, mobilization and grassroots capacity building.

Where HPP is working in China

Yunnan Province:

·         TCE Lincang Project (concluded June 2007)

·         Total Malaria Control Program (concluded June 2012)

·         Community Development Project Zhenkang (concluded December 2012)

·         Farmers’ Clubs Project Zhenkang (concluded December 2013)

·         Preschools of the Future Shangrila (concluded December 2013)

·         TB Control Project (concluded June 2014)

·         Farmers’ Clubs Project Xundian

·         Preschools of the Future Zhenkang

·         Preschools of the Future Longling

·         Preschools of the Future Ximeng

·         Preschools of the Future North West Yunnan (Heqing County and Shangri-La County)

Chongqing Municipality:

·         Farmers’ Clubs Project Wanzhou (concluded December 2013)

·         Community Development Project Wanzhou (concluded December 2014)

·         Farmers’ Clubs Project Fengdu (concluded October 2015)

·         Farmers’ Clubs Project Wulong (concluded March 2016)

·         Farmers’ Clubs Project Sanyuan Township, Fengdu County

Sichuan Province:
·          TCE Butuo

·          Preschools of the Future Butuo

·          Community Development Butuo

·          TCE Yuexi

·          Community Development Yuexi

Hubei Province,

·          Preschools of the Future Qichun


For more details please download:  
HPPC Introduction English.pdf

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