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Guest Speakers at HPPC 10 Years Anniversary


On 30th July 2015, the Humana People to People China (HPPC) 10 Years Anniversary celebration was held in Kunming City. We thanked all the government departments, partners and staff who have been supporting us! HPP China Representative Michael Hermann’s welcome speech gave a brilliant start, and then Yao Qian (Vice Director of Foreign Poverty Alleviation Project Management Center of Yunnan Province), Zhang Yu (Director of the World Bank loan Project Management Office of the Foreign Loan Office of the Yunnan Department of Education), Ma Minxiang (Dean of Yunnan Academy of Scientific & Technical information), Zhang Yanping (Shanghai Charity Foundation / Rural Early Education Development Fund) and Xu Wenli (Division Chief of Foreign Poverty Alleviation Project Management Center of Yunnan Province) all gave wonderful speeches successively.

Here, let’s share these wonderful speeches from these well-hearted people.

Yao Qian (Vice Director of Foreign Poverty Alleviation Project Management Center of Yunnan Province)

"Over these ten years, HPP has been one of our main partners. Since we in 2005 had signed a cooperation agreement we implemented the rural HIV/AIDS health education prevention project supported by Asian Development Bank (ADB), the Malaria health education prevention and control project under the China Round Six Program of the Global Fund, the Rural Comprehensive Poverty Alleviation Project, the rura preschool education pilot project and other cooperation projects in Linxiang District, Gengma, Cangyuan and Zhenkang Counties of Lincang City, Longchuan and Yingjiang Counties of Dehong Prefecture, Jiangcheng, Mojiang and Ximeng Counties of Puer City, Yuanyang and Pingbian Counties of Honghe Prefecture, Tengchong and Longling Counties of Baoshan City, etc - a total of 13 focus counties in 5 prefectures/cities. Activities included poverty alleviation, preschool education, health education, agricultural development and small infrastructure construction etc all closely related to the production and livelihood of the people. By now more than RMB 27 million has been donated, and more than RMB 1.25 million has been matched by the provincial finance bureau. The implementation results have been positively affirmed by the local government and impoverished villagers.”
"A decade is a closure yet a new beginning. Looking into the future I hope both parties continue to closely cooperate, to even more enhance our friendship and exchange experience. even higher raise the level of cooperation, expand the cooperation fields, deepen cooperation content so we can make greater efforts to lift the poor in Yunnan Province our of poverty and enrich them, and can make new and greater contributions to build a new Yunnan with prosperity and happiness” 

Zhang Yu (Director of the World Bank loan Project Management Office of the Foreign Loan Office of the Yunnan Department of Education )

HPPC Preschool of the Future project has evidently gained good results. These preschools actively explore and provide a template for early childhood education in remote rural areas which have small numbers of students, and which public preschools can’t cover and in which private preschool can hardly survive These projects bring about labor force liberation and productivity development, train villagers to be aware of democracy and bring information from outside civilazation. However, there are some difficulties and problems in the projects: eg. project buildings which are nonstandard and having security risks, shortage of child care facilities, too low dietary standards etc. As we know, thesee issues are caused by objective reasons. We wish HPPC in this work continuing success and further progress. All in all, we thank HPPC again for its contribution to preschool education in Yunnan.” 

Ma Minxiang (Dean of Yunnan Academy of Scientific & Technical information)

In my opinion, I’d like to cooperate more with NGO, because NGO It can accommodate different points of view, different areas of cooperation and scope. In this process we share knowledge and experiences, the more important is that we focus on sustainable development which is a big challenge in front of developing countries and also China, including education, overcoming poverty, women and children issues. The local situation probably wouldn’t be sustainable when our organization or institutuion left, a new difficult position appears. So apparently knowledge transmission, experience sharing, management establishment and cooperation model all are very important. Actually any of above issues cannot be solved by one project or one organization’s efforts, but I think if humankind can continue to develop transmitting experience is the key. In this process, we are in touch with many NGOs and international organizations, we learn, share and cooperate with each other. All mankind has the responsibility to achieve the United Nations Millennium Development Goals. Lastly I want to thank Michael and Siri for giving me this opportunity to share my words here, and also congratulate HPPC to its 10 Years Anniversary, this is a historic moment and a new beginning. I hope we at Yunnan Academy of Scientific & Technical information have 10 or 20 more years to disseminate your experiences [on climate smart agriculture] to the rest of the world!”

Zhang Yanping (Shanghai Charity Foundation / Rural Early Education Development Fund)

Many people asked why our foundation chose to support pre-school education. First of all, because the Nobel Economics Prize winner Professor James points out that the period from 3 to 6 years of age is the crucial phase for human development. If children couldn’t take preschool education in this phase, this gap would definitely influence their entire life. Second of all, economically early intervention for child capacity building has high economic returns, this conclusion is based on studies by The Child Development Research Center at Harvard University. ”
"Why we support HPPC? Because we believe that HPPC spends each penny usefully and worthily. I would like to share an experience I had. Last year, I visited the preschool project in Butuo County, Sichuan Province. The local health and sanitation  is poor, there is a high prevalence of AIDS, 60% of children have intestinal parasites, because they lack basic hygiene awareness. I myself as a mother of a 5 year old kid felt so hurt. However, HPPC works in such a poor environment within earnest working attitude and remarkable project implementation, this truly moves me and everyone. So many thanks to every single staff for your hard work!”


China’s One Hundred Years Goals require to lift 72 million people out of poverty until 2020. This is a very heavy task, and only 60 months to go from now. I have been to 44 countries, and worked in 35 countries, I don't know any other government that is determined to lift 72 million people out of poverty, I also don't know any other government that has this ability either. I think that China, led by The Communist Party of China has a very promising development in front of it. I hope the developed countries and other third world countries know the development trend of China. Before Europeans did not very well understand the situation in China, nowadays, for the global peace, we must strengthen communication and get to know each other. Thanks a lot!

Xu Wenli
(Division Chief of Foreign Poverty Alleviation Project Management Center of Yunnan Province)

Foreign Poverty Alleviation Project Management Center in Yunnan Province has cooperated with HPPC since 2005. In my opinion, the crucial point after cooperating with a foreign NGO and bringing in its financial resources - is,how they are used in our poverty-stricken areas, how they are used wisely,. From all these years, the most touchable thing to me is Michael’s insistence, never giving up on what he insists, even if other reject him. Because what he insists on is exact what impoverished people need. So I give him a nickname which is ‘Mai-insist’. Another thing moves me is that Michael and Siri both come from Europe to the poorest place in China to work on the projects, which means their hearts are connected with the poor, we should learn from them!” 

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