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Kawagebo Program - An Early Childhood Development Project for Ethnic Minority Children in Yunnan,Rural Community Preschool Subproject

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Kawagebo Peak

Kawagebo Peak is the highest and most beautiful mountain in the Chinese province of Yunnan, at an altitude of 6740 meters, it is known as the "god of snow mountain". It is located on the border between De County, Yunnan, and the counties of Zogang and Zayü of the Tibet Autonomous Region. Kawagebo Peak is a geological miracle formed by the collision of tectonic plates. It is also renown for being a place of pilgrimage for Tibetan Buddhism, its wealth of bio-cultural diversity attracts many tourists, scientists and mountaineers from all over the world each year. 

The project is named after the beautiful Kawagebo peak

"Kawagebo Program” is initiated by China Social Welfare Foundation (CSWF), the project has the aim of fostering early childhood development of Yunnan minority children in Heqing, Shangri-La and Deqin Counties.

Project period:
From 1st Jan. 2015 to 31st Dec. 2016.

Project objective:
To build up an effective early childhood development service system which caters to the need of ethnic minority children in remote rural villages, and promote the all-round development of the local children's early education.

The project provides early education and growth intervention for vulnerable children living in poor areas, as a way to reduce the occurrence of regional inequalities in child development, we try to narrow the gap between the rich and poor area and reduce the inter-generational cycle of poverty. We optimize the existing pre-school education curriculum and develop a context relevant model of rural preschool education.

The sustainability of the project lies in building the community capacity to run this preschool in the long term, including training locals as community preschool teachers and establishing parents committees to lead the schools.

Through the project,  women who have preschool aged children can have more time to develop their own capacity in assisting farming or to manage the activities of the family economic construction. This effectively helps to achieve the objectives of lifting the ethnic minority poor communities out of poverty.

Project progress:
By the end of March, we had set-up 2 offices, they are respectively in Shangri-La County/Deqin County (Diqing Prefecture) and Heqing County (Dali Prefecture), with a total of 5 staffs. We now are still working on the baseline survey together with Right to Play (NGO). The early-stage preparations for this community preschool project are investigating in the project townships, meeting with three county level Education Bureaus respectively, meeting with village committee and parents in order to get to know the local children, community, housing and teacher etc. The project provides classroom equipment. By the end of April, 6 preschools have been launched, 1 in Heqing, 1 in Deqin and 4 in Shangeri-La.

Voice from a preschool teacher:
Lian Zhuoma (Ethnically Tibetan), a preschool teacher from Duotong Village, Deqin County, she just graduated and had 3 months preschool teaching experience. She voluntarily came back to her remote hometown since we set up preschool there. She took the teacher training since 23rd March 2015. She told us that she has learnt many new professional skills and knowledge through our training. During the training, she actively communicates with other teachers and studies hard. She is determined to be a brilliant preschool teacher in her hometown.

The project is funded by United Bank of Switzerland (UBS). The other partners are China Social Welfare Foundation (CSWF) and Right to Play (RTP).

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