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The Magic of Love Freshens up the Preschool in the Mountains

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Author: The project team of the Preschool Of The Future in Tengchong City


This winter vacation was very long.

When I went back to my classroom in the first day of term, I found that everything had changed.

The dusty playground was paved with square bricks;

The one with the neat beds, our teacher said, was our lunch nap room;

And moreover, the classrooms, the walls, and the ceiling have taken on a new look.

I asked our teacher if she had used her magic to make our class so smart while we were on the vacation,

but she responded that this is the power of the magical call of love.

I had only a hazy notion about it.

But anyway, I like my class better now.


Machang Preschool of The Future is located in Mangbang Town of Tengchong City, with a total of 33 students. At the beginning of the project, it was found that there was no nap room in the preschool. Even the playground was paved with cement, which was covered with a thick layer of dust. Dust attached itself to these kids when they were cleaning or doing outdoor activities. In view of this, HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE applied for financial assistance from Beijing Elite Habitat Development Foundation to carry out the "Hardware Facilities Project of Machang Preschool Of The Future in Tengchong City, Yunnan Province", to assist in the maintenance and construction of the sport ground and the lunch nap room for the preschool.


The picture of the whole preschool before the improvement of hardware facilities 


The classroom before construction


The playground before hardening


The playground before hardening

In January 2020, project personnel began to prepare for it. Until March 23, the construction of lunch nap room and activity site, wall renovation, classroom wall whitening and painting and other projects were completed and accepted.At the same time, an opening ceremony was held for the preschool after the acceptance.


Initial survey 


Lunch nap room under construction 


Playground hardening


Awarding after acceptance

The COVID-19 outbreak delayed the opening of the preschool. During the period, the teachers went to the preschool for cleaning and disinfection many times, arranged the corner for environmental innovation, and renovated it to wait for the children's return.

At the end of May, the 33 children of Machang Preschool finally ushered in the schoolopening, walking towards the preschool with a jubilant mood. Separated from the preschool for more than four months, the children were missing the preschool.

Wow~~~, the dusty playground was covered with bricks, the walls were painted white, and there was a new small house built beside the classroom... Why had our preschool changed?

On the first day of school, the children looked around the whole preschool, which was different from the one when they left. They were puzzled about those changes.

The teachers found a look of incomprehension on children’s face, thinking that these kids must not know that the preschool had been refurbished.


Lunch nap room after construction 


The classroom after construction 


Hardened playground 

During the first lesson, the teacher showed the children around the new playground, the new lunch nap room and classroom, and told them that the preschool changed a lot with the help of many enthusiastic uncles and aunts. “Do you like the preschool now?” the teacher asked the children.

Yes, we won't cause a cloud of dust any more when playing on the playground.”

And when it comes to cleaning, our shoes won't get dirty.”

Teacher, my parents’ in law’s cousin is also studying in the preschool in town. She always told me she took a nap in the preschool and now I can do the same thing too!”

 “Teacher, did you use the Balala magic wand to make the preschool so beautiful while we were on vacation?”


The teacher looked at the kids babbling excitedly--they must have seen the Balala magic wand on TV during the holiday. "I don’t know any magic...even if there is magic, it is everone’s call of love," the teacher said to herself, staring at the children.


The children are having class 


Observing the insects


Playing games 


Coming back home from school


A new preschool life has begun with the new semester. Children prefer the present preschool, where they can play and laugh to their heart's content, and every brick and tile here decorates their wonderful childhood.


- END -

Project introduction:

Funded by Beijing Elite Habitat Development Foundation, the “Hardware Facilities Project of Machang Preschool Of The Future in Tengchong City, Yunnan Province” is implemented in cooperation with HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE Movement, the Yunnan Youth Development Foundation, the Tengchong Education and Sports Bureau, the Machang Village Committee, and the Machang Complete Primary School. The above organizations mainly support the preschool to improve its hardware, such as the construction of lunch nap room and activity site, classroom wall whitening and painting, which is benefiting 33 children in total. The hardware improvement provides a guarantee for the normal teaching activities of those children.

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The project is supported by Beijing Elite Habitat Development Foundation.

This article is the author's personal opinion, is not the opinion or position of the donor.