HPP POF Ning'er did environment creations during vacation

With the spread of Covid-19 pandemic came to an ease, Ning'er County has lifted the restrictions and has returned life to normal. In order to provide a comfortable learning and living environment for the children in the HPP preschool classes covered by the “One Village, One Preschool andPre-primary Class turns into Preschool”projectin Ning'er County, our project team carried out various environment creation activities in accordance

Humana People to People Progress Report 2019

Welcome to read Humana People to PeopleProgress Report2019 !Download link:HPP2019AR.pdf

Mom and Dad, I don’t like dolls

This year- as my winter vacation began- the coronavirus hit the world.My mom told me that, in the Wechat group of Longling Nonggang POF class, my teacher said the Coronavirus is so cunning that I can’t go out to play with my friends, neither do my parents can go out. We should all stay home. Even the date to start a new semester was postponed as well.I was very happy to hear that because the holiday was extended very very long. What made me even

Parent-Child Theme Activity, Companionship and Persistent Growth

Parent-Child Theme Activity, Companionship and Persistent GrowthThe COVID-19 epidemic causes a delay of the preschool opening in the new term. In order to reduce the impact of the epidemic and help children to spend a happy holiday, HPP Preschoolsof the Future Project Service Center let Project Managers and project officersguide parents online to implementtheme activities at home with their children - after the preliminary work offollowing up on


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