The Second batch of "Low-carbon Pioneer Schools"

Respected schools participating in the project:To integrate green and low-carbon development into the national education system, the Ministry of Education issued‘the Implementation Plan for the Construction of the National Education System for Green and Low-carbon Development’on October 31, 2022, requiring all relevant education departments and institutions to earnestly implement the plan based on the actual situation. In 2020, the Office of th

I brought nature into the classroom!

Author: Lin Cong, teacher of Guancun Preschool, Qiaojia County In the preschool class, the plant corner is the most attractive for children. While feeling the fun of planting, children can also observe the germination of seeds, understand how plantsgrows, and explore the significance of plant growth!For us in Qiaojia County village preschoolclasses, with our childhood in the village, the flowers and trees all over the mountains are very familiar.

The recycling bin arrived in the kindergarten!

Author: Zhang Jun, Low Carbon Project promoterIn the kindergarten, every day will produce a lot of second-hand paper, old stationery, old electronic products, and household waste. How to dispose of the waste? For yourself, the amount is tiny, but if you put all the waste in a school together, it would take a lot of time just to collect, sort, store and dispose of it.In fact, based on people's general working and living conditions, recycling

Iread Reading for all, Enjoy childhood

Author: Qiaojia County Project Team Reading can enrich the childhood fun of rural children.On January 1, 2022, the Reading for allProgram, which focuses on providing reading services for rural children, came to the Preschool of the Futureproject in Qiaojia County, reaching out to 447 children in 16 classes. Through the project procurement and arrangement, now all preschool classes have completed the set up of a book corner, and the picture books


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