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I Plant Sunflowers in My Preschool

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Author: Huize County project team


Today the teacher distributed flowerpots to all kids in the preschool, then took out the seeds of sunflowers, little wild flowers and little chrysanthemums, and let us choose the seeds we want to grow. We were very happy about it. I had planted some flowers before, but I had never planted them with seeds.


Our teacher took us to the corn field outside the preschool, and let us shovel soil into our small flowerpots on the surrounding open space. Back to the preschool, I couldn't wait to put sunflower seeds in the pot, one, two, three, four, five..... Whoops! There were so many seeds in the package that I couldn't even count how many seeds I’ve planted.

After the seeds were planted, I went to the tap according to the teacher's instructions, and watered them carefully, so that they had enough water to grow quickly.



The teacher also wrote my name on the pot so that I didn't have to worry about confusing it with other children's.

I put the flowerpot on the window sill of my classroom, and made a wish in my heart: "sunflower, sunflower please grow up and blossoms quickly."



The teacher said that from then on, we should take care of our own pots. Therefore, the first thing I did every day in the preschool was to see whether the seeds have sprouted.

But a week went by and there was still no change in the pot. I was worried whether the seeds I planted were eaten by insects, or were rotten in the soil. It made me so sad to lie on the window sill.

At that moment, my teacher came over and asked me why I was unhappy. After listening to me, she told me that if I took the flowerpot to the playground to bask in the sun, the seeds would germinate.

I just learned that seeds also need sunlight!


Last night, I dreamed that my sunflowers were blooming in the small pot. But I realized that it was a dream when I woke up.

So I anxiously came to the window sill of the preschool, and suddenly found that there were many small buds.

Wow, my sunflower was growing. I ran to tell my teacher the good news.



In that day, our teacher taught us how to draw an observation diary. She also said that we should be good at observation, and then draw what we see and feel in the form of pictures.

We took the flowerpots to the tables and observed it carefully, and then painted what we watched.


"It's sunny today. The chrysanthemum I planted in the flowerpot has grown a lot of seedlings. After I came to the classroom and watered it, I would take it to the playground to enjoy the sun after class. I hope the chrysanthemum can grow up quickly and bloom beautiful flowers early.” This is the diary I drew today.

Our teacher also required us to observe every day and record the whole growth process of seedlings.



The seedlings in the flowerpots gradually grew up, the same as some four-leaf clover and edible amaranth. I also saw ants in them.

I like the preschool now, because it has become very different from before, especially the green plants in the pots on the windowsill, which wake me up every day for going to the preschool early to see how my sunflowers grows.




By planting sunflowers, I understand that soil, seeds, water and sunlight are essential for plant growth, which means not a single one can be omitted.

I like this kind of planting class. It is not only interesting, but also impart wisdom --let me know how beautiful sunflowers grow and bloom. Like other children, I am looking forward to the little flower seedlings growing up quickly and blooming beautiful flowers.

Project introduction:

"One Village, One Preschool and Pre-primary Class Turns into Preschool" Projects is a pilot policy of Yunnan Provincial Department of Education in the field of preschool education. It is hoped that the existing preschool classes could be changed into independent pre-classes/schools, and the pre-classes/schools will be set up in large administrative villages, so as to gradually realize the preschool education layout of "One Demonstration kindergarten for One County, One government-run kindergarten for One Township, One Preschool for One Village". Huize County is one of the pilot counties. After preliminary communication and field visits and research, the Federation for Associations Connected to the International Humana People to People Movement (Switzerland) Yunnan Representative Office cooperates with the Education and Sports Bureau of Huize County to assist them in recruiting and training teachers under the policies of "One Village, One Preschool and Pre-primary Class Turns into Preschool" Projects. It mainly trains and supervises the teachers in terms of knowledge, curriculum management and teaching, to change the teaching method of "primary education" in preschools. In addition, provide teacher training rooms, management toolkits, teaching videos and other related tools and materials. On-the-spot supervision and visit of preschool education centers to provide hardware financial support for preschools. Expand the coverage rate of rural preschool education and improve teaching quality so that more children can receive quality preschool education.


This project is jointly organized by the Federation for Associations Connected to The International Humana People to People Movement (Switzerland) Yunnan Representative Office and the Education and Sports Bureau of Huize County.

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