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We Draw Flying Leaves

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Author: Longling project team

Last week, the teacher in Preschool of Dahanba Village in Longling County asked the kids: what do you think the leaves look like?

Surprisely the children answered: leaves can fly!

The leaves fly down from the air when autumn comes.

The left and right sides of the stalk seem like a leaf's wings, so it can fly far, far away.

With great expectations of children, the flying leaves spend their lifetimes on the big tree outside the classroom.


In order to equip the children with more knowledge of leaves, the teacher took them out to explore leaves' secrets in the nature.

The leaves clustered around, long or pointed, palm-shaped, triangular......


The children scrambled to take off their favorite leaves and asked, “teacher, what kind of leaf is it? Why is it like a palm?”


“This is a leaf of Shiliu (scientific name: passion fruit, local name ‘Shiliu’)...”

“Is it going to fly away when it turns yellow in autumn?”

“Teacher, look at this bamboo leaf, one on the left and the other on the right, they look like its wings......”

“Not only can a leaf fly, it can also change its color.”


It was a great pleasure for the children to discuss and share their views with each other.


At the end of the class, the teacher told the children to pick the leaves they liked and take it back. After the science lesson, a painting lesson was to follow.

Painting has always been the kids’ favorite, because they not only can match red, yellow, blue and green at will, but also can draw all the things they imagine. When they heard that they were going to paint leaves according to the real ones, everyone was so happy.


Back to the classroom, they can’t wait to find the water color pens and drawing books to begin the most interesting trace.



Some children followed the real leaves in color and shape, but others were bold in using colors, including yellow, red, black and even multicolor.


You see, because it was very difficult for the children in the last row to trace while pressing the leaves, others volunteered to help fix them, and then gave a lot of novel advice.





The outdoor green leaves were innovated into colorful ones with fantastic ideas on the drawing books by students when they carefully drew them in the classroom.



"Look, the leaves are flying to our sketch book.” the children said happily with leaves and sketch books.


Project Introduction:

Funded by ASML Foundation, the “Preschool of Dahanba Village in Longling County, Yunnan Province” is implemented in cooperation with the Federation for Associations connected to the International Humana People To People Movement (Switzerland) Yunnan Office and the Poverty Alleviation and Development Office of Longling County People's Government. The specific content of the project includes hardware improvement, infrastructure maintenance such as preschool classrooms, lunch nap rooms, outdoor sites, toys and teaching aids; provision of training services for preschool teachers; supervision and management of the preschools’ daily operation; assisting teachers to provide training to children’s parents; set up a parent committee to participate in preschool's affairs management; the class teaching courses focus on the comprehensive development inthe five fields--children's health, language, society, science and art. By providing a quality pre-school education services, full preparations are made for children to enter primary schools.

The project is funded by ASML Foundation

Any views or opinions presented are solely those of the author, and do not necessarily represent those of the donor.

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