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With online training, FAIHPP fosters future hope

Source:互满爱人与人国际运动联合会(瑞士)云南代表处Date:2021-04-26 11:16:33Click:127

After soliciting the opinions of each project team and referring to the three-year training plan of Preschools of The Future (POF), FAIHPP’ s project service center decided to carry out online theme training activities from March 27 to 28, 2021.

Besides the Tengchong, Longling, Huize and Qiaojia projects covered by FAIHPP’s POF, the POF of Qichun, Butuo, Zhenxiong, Lancang and Ximeng implemented by Shanghai Huji Foundation, the executive agency of FAIHPP’s POF, also participated in the training. According to statistics, 163 project personnel and teachers participated in the training.


Through the online platform DingTalk, teachers are organized to participate in the training in two ways: centralized training and decentralized training. The purpose is to allow each project to reasonably arrange teachers to participate in the training according to their actual situations. The training content includes 60% theoretical knowledge and 40% practical knowledge. We invited Yang Shuhan, associate professor of Yunnan Normal University, Bai Hui, an external training consultant, and Li Yanmei, an internal trainer, to give lectures on the commonly used curriculum models and teaching methods of preschool education, instructive nursery rhymes, and preschool management in different stages. In order to check the learning performance, teachers need to finish the homework after each training session and clock in, especially the teachers who are trained separately.



Teachers covered by the projects are recruited in local villages. Most of them need to work at home or in the fields during their leisure time or weekends. However, in order to strengthen their knowledge and skills of preschool education and bring more advanced preschool education to rural children, they all spare time to participate in the online training. Even some aged teachers didn't give up this chance.




During the training, three trainers centered on the theme and told teachers how to do in practice by analyzing actual examples. Besides, the trainers also answered teachers' questions online, and made an active atmosphere through the interaction. Everyone took an active part in class as well as group. All the teachers agreed that the training brought them abundant knowledge and unforgettable feelings. The training not only widened their vision, but also renewed their minds. Even though the training was over, the knowledge they’ve learned would be applied to the future work.



Teachers’ homework


After the three training courses, it was found that 358 teachers attended and the videos were viewed 1061 times in total. The teachers actively clocked in for class, repeatedly watched the video playbacks, and carefully completed homework after class.

According to the feedback from the teachers participating in the training, this training was of great help to their skills improvement. It enabled them to learn advanced education concepts, to know how to organize daily teaching activities better, and to provide fair education for rural children as well as urban children. They hoped that more similar training can be organized in the future.


FAIHPP held the online training for the POFs, aiming to improve the comprehensive ability of rural preschool teachers, and realize "join with rural preschool teachers to cultivate a better future and build a better hope for rural children".

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