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​Accompanying Children to Grow with Care

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This boy, at his age, had an unusual experience. Xiaolong (pseudonym of this boy) lives in Fatu Village, Baihetan Town, Qiaojia County. When he was 3 years old, his father died and his mother disappeared without a trace after she remarried. He can only live with his elderly grandparents, and lead an extremely difficult family life. His grandpa has to go out to work to maintain the livelihood of family, and is not at home all the year round.


Xiaolong learned a lot of different knowledge in the preschool.


Xiaolong's paintings

Xiaolong was not accompanied by his parents at the age that is in great need for accompanying and care from parents. They could not tell stories to him before he went to sleep, and not play games with him. Xiaolong became introverted and lonely. In 2018, Qiaojia County began to implement the Pilot Project of “One Kindergarten for One Village”, and a preschool was finally set up in the village where Xiaolong lived. Grandparents knew that education is the only way out for rural children. They sent Xiaolong to the preschool. When Xiaolong arrived in the preschool, he was often absent-minded in the classroom, bowed his head in silence and did not play with other children.


Xiaolong played happily with his classmates 

After a few months, Xiaolong slowly became outgoing and lively, and was able to actively play, sing and paint with other children. It was inseparable from the attention and companionship of the preschool teacher, who encouraged Xiaolong to answer questions in the classroom and listen to his needs. These influences, accompanying and care of teacher enabled Xiaolong to open his heart. His grandma was glad to see that Xiaolong became happy in the preschool. Both Xiaolong and his grandma are looking forward to Grandpa going home for the Chinese New Year, giving Grandpa a big surprise, telling grandfather stories and interesting things in the school...

About the Project:

This case is sourced from HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE Qiaojia County Rural Community Preschool of Future Project, for which Qiaojia Education Bureau entrusted the The Federation for Associations connected to the International HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE Movement (Switzerland) Yunnan Representative Office to provide consulting services for the Project and set up 5 community preschools in Qiaojia County. The purpose of Rural Community Preschool of Future Project is to help poor children get rid of poverty; establish preschools in village communities in outlying poverty-stricken areas, transform the unused or spare classrooms and activity room of local schools to preschool classrooms, recruit and train preschool teachers locally, and set up parent committee to assist schools and Project in managing preschools. Usually, the preschool will enroll children aged 3-6 to form a mixed-age class. The children in remote rural areas can be well prepared for entering primary school after they received preschool education.

The views expressed are those of the author and are not necessarily those of Qiaojia Education Bureau.