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Happy Time at Preschool

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Written by Luo Wenchun from Dehua Wotuo Preschool

It has been raining for the past few days and finally it is a sunny day today. Project managers Luo Ruhong and Zhang Chunrui took this opportunity and went to the preschool early in the morning. They decided to 'innovate' the preschool. They explored with us how to make outdoor toys right after they arrived. We discussed and expressed our opinions based on considerations of preschool environment, safety of teaching tools and toys and budgets for materials. Finally we decided to make a climbing net and climbing frame. Luo Ruhong drew the structure on the paper cautiously, calculated the structure size which would resulted in a stable and economic product. Under the guidance of Luo Ruhong, preschool teachers and two parents cut the timber pile together and they chose to install the climbing net on the pulpy grassland outside. They fixed the timber piles on the four corners, and the four timber piles formed a rectangle frame. After fixing and connecting the four corners, a timber pile was added on each of the longer two sides, which made the whole frame be stronger and more stable. It was not a simple work to weave the rope. Horizontal and vertical positions were required to be evenly distributed. After lots of intersecting roe and making knots, the whole net was finally made. After the work was completed, the teachers' and parents’ hands already had blisters.


Working together to make the climbing frame


The process of weaving nets is very important and not easy


Following this, teacher Luo also designed the structure of the climbing frame. Everyone was involved to set up the frame and form a stable triangle shape. Teacher Luo fixed woods on each site to make the frame stable. The parents worked together to saw off extra woods. In order to avoid the woods to hurt children’s hands and feet, we polished the wood surface. Finally the frame got better and better. It was getting dark when it was done. Teacher Luo used the light from his mobile phone to make two tire vehicles.


The completed climbing frame


While the male teachers were making the climbing net and frame, teacher Zhang Chunrui designed a beautiful theme wall for the preschool. The colored card paper became beautiful flowers under her wise hands. Teacher Zhang creatively used the dry branches. Red little paper flowers matching with natural dry branches brought out the best in each other. This might also due to the training in which teachers were encouraged to use the existing materials and be creative to beautify our preschool.



Our preschool had a new look with the joint efforts of the two project staff, teachers and parents of Wotuo Primary School. Thanks you for all your efforts. It is due to your love, your wise hands and your wisdom that children can learn from play. They train their mind and strenghten their intelligence.


Project introduction:

"One Village, One Preschool” and “Converting school into preschool” are pilot policies for preschool education by Yunnan Provincial Bureau of Education. They aim to convert the current pre-primary school classes into independent preschools and open preschools in big administrative villages to gradually form the preschool system design of “One County, One Demonstration Preschool; One Township, One Public Preschool; and One Village, One Preschool.” Ninger County is one of the pilot counties. After preliminary communication and on-site investigation, HPP Yunnan Representative Office cooperates with Ninger County Bureau of Education to train teachers recruited under “One Village, One Preschool” and “Converting school into preschool” policyies HPP mainly supervises and provides training on preschool teaching, course management, play and child focused teaching methods to improve teaching quality.


The project is funded by Beijing Xingyi Construction and Engineering Co., Ltd and HPP.

The project is jointly implemented by HPP Yunnan Office and Ninger County Bureau of Education.

The article only represents the author’s opinion, not necessarily the views of the donors.