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Your Love is Heartwarming

Source:互满爱人与人中国Date:2019-07-25 10:34:43Click:633

Author: JishimeRihe (Key teacher at Luowu Kindergarten)

Working as a kindergarten teacher comes with both joys and tears, both harvests and hard work. I have witnessed the growth and change of every child, and I can feel the love coming from them.


Attentive kids in the classroom

I once taught in a high-end kindergarten in a big city. Then I went back to my village from the city due to family issues and became a teacher in a run-down rural kindergarten located in the mountain area. In the beginning, I was under huge pressure due to a different environment which I was not so familiar with. The lack of teaching resources and the gap between kids in rural and urban areas in terms of cognition gave me worries and disturbances frequently. However, when I gradually got along with the children here, I realized that there is no cause for concern.These children are outstanding in many ways.


Outdoor Activities

Students almost all come and leave the classroom on time. No matter it is windy, rainy or in the scorching sun, parents would always send their children to the kindergarten. I can feel that parents in this village aspire to education and take it very seriously. In the classroom, with my guidance and encouragement, shy kids have become outgoing, and the naughty ones have become self-disciplined. They accept new knowledge better and quicker than I thought. They are quite curious about new things, and they just can’t stop asking questions. Their hometown is beautiful in their paintings, and the small animals they drew are vivid and adorable. They would show their team spirit when playing games and share their toys. They all work very hard during cleaning, and no one loaf on the job when it is their turn to clean the classroom. I remember once I came across a child in my class on the road. He said hello to me happily and gave me half of his freshly-cooked pancake to me. This is heartwarming.As time goes by, like the children, I also find the present moments more and more precious, because here we all feel love and warmth. The kids are innocent, cute, grateful, and they understand that they need to cherish what they have. Accompanied by the children’s love, I suppose I will always be here, watching them grow up day after day.


Outdoor Activities

Project Introduction:

Sichuan Representative Office of Humana People to People (Switzerland) offers consulting services for the Humana Luowu Kindergarten Project. The project aims to help poor children out of poverty, set up kindergartens in the natural villages of remote and impoverished areas, hire more teachers for the kindergarten, increase the number of classes and improve the quality of schooling. The kindergarten’s management team is assigned by Humana to enhance the kindergarten’s management expertise, educating and teaching level, teachers’ ability, children’s living and schooling environment in the kindergarten in an all-round way. After two years of efforts, Humana Luowu Kindergarten is expected to become a demonstration kindergarten in Puge County and a base for teacher training and learning for other institutions and local governments.


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