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Successful conclusion of Farmers’ Green Action Clubs Project in Fengdu County, Chongqing

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Author: Yu Zhaolan Governmental Relationship Officer of Humana People to People

 On July 24th, 2019, the summary meeting for FarmersGreen Action Clubs Project implemented by Humana People to People was held in Sanyuan Town, Fengdu County, Chongqing Municipality. A total of 18 people from Fengdu County Poverty Alleviation Office, Sanyuan Town Government, Luojiachang Village Committee, Project Village Leader Representatives and Humana Project Team attended the meeting.


 The summary meeting was changed, it changed to a new form. The old form has been abbandonned, participants used to sit in the office and listen to the project summary report. In the morning, the participants directly visited the beneficiary households of the project, communicated with them face-to-face, learned about the effectiveness and sustainability of the project from different perspectives, and listened more to their suggestions and opinions on the project, which provided different references and perspectives for future project design.


In the afternoon, the participants returned to the conference room to listen to the project summary report from project leader Li Xiaojun: In the past three years, the project has set up 6 FarmersGreen Action Clubs around the purpose of green agriculture to carry out planting and breeding technology, environmental protection, and sustainable development. Development and training of villagers with knowledge of nutrition, health and hygiene, carried out eight items including broad bean planting and marketing, reservoir construction, solar water heater installation, black peanut planting, garbage disposal system, improvement of red heart pomelo, free-range chicken breeding, and edible mushroom greenhouse cultivation The event covered 269 households in Luojiachang Village, Sanyuan Town.


Due to the "seeing is believing" of the participants in the project field in the morning, after listening to the report in the afternoon, everyone had an overall impression and spoke positively and enthusiastically.

 Xiang Shimin, Chief of the Fengdu County Poverty Alleviation Office's Foreign Capital Section praised the project model: The project activity design is based on farmers, welcomed by farmers, and more planning in mind!

 Yu Yongwan, the Village Party Secretary said: Project awareness is ahead of schedule. When the villagers' environmental sanitation training and waste disposal system were implemented 3 years ago, I felt that there was no substantial help for us, no income and no output. When the project was about to conclude, the state proposed to promote the improvement of the living environment and promote the classification of garbage.



 The group discussion brought the project summary meeting to the climax: the participants were divided into three groups for discussion according to different project activities. The purpose is to find problems, help farmers to effectively solve problems during the final month of the project, and help the project team learn more about the sustainability of project activities.

  Participants' speeches were free and open: the managers of garbage exchange supermarkets must understand the classification of waste ..., solar water heaters consume electricity, and need to train farmers more on how to use them ..., the water management committee can manage the cistern, and farmers have no problems with normal water use problem, no problem……


 The 3 years project, more than 1,000 days and nights, presented the hard work of the villagers, the coordination of the village committee and town government, and the full support of the Poverty Alleviation Office and witnessed the project leaders  "Target people-oriented Attitude" step by step.

The FarmersGreen Action Clubs Project finally came to a successful conclusion among the people's reluctance to close the curtain on this project.



Project Introduction:

 The FarmersGreen Action Clubs Project of Fengdu County, Chongqing is funded by the New Zealand Embass . It is jointly implemented by the Chongqing Representative Office of the Federation of Associations connected to the International People to People Movement (Switzerland) and the Poverty Alleviation Office of Fengdu County. This project covers 269 households in Luojiachang Village, Sanyuan Town, Fengdu County (52 households participated in the loquat planting project of the Embassy). The project will assist villagers in Luojiachang Village to find production poverty alleviation methods that are more suitable for the local environment, increase skils investment, increase production capacity, and link to markets to reduce the incidence of poverty and increase farmers' sustainable income; Protecting the global environment by advocating sustainable agricultural production methods and improving water resource management; Improving the health environment and nutritional health of rural communities; Improving local living conditions and infrastructure construction. At the same time, through the establishment of FarmersGreen Action Clubss to establish a platform for farmers to share information and capacity building for farmers.


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