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Humana People to People China, Farmers’ Clubs Project

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Project Background

According to the World Bank China has lifted 500 million people out of poverty in the past three decades. This may be an astonishing number, however, we must not overlook the fact that a large number of Chinese people remain living in severe poverty. 99 million people from rural areas are still living below the national poverty line (annual income below CNY 2300). In 2012 the average annual income of a person living in rural areas was CNY 7917 – this is 3.44 times higher than the national poverty line.

The ‘Farmers’ Clubs Project’ (FC) aims to empower farmers to lift themselves out of poverty. The project establishes informal Farmers’ Clubs within natural villages, each group consisting of 30-50 farmer households. Through Farmers’ Clubs, purchasing of seeds, transport and marketing processes are conducted collectively to reduce costs and increase profits. It is also through the clubs that farmers gain training opportunities to learn new skills such as the retention of soil fertility, budgeting and financing skills etc.

Farmers’ Clubs Objectives

1. Increase Knowledge: provide trainings, demonstrations and extended support services
2. Advance cooperation:  establish farmers’ clubs and informal cooperatives
3. Increase incomes: provide small subsidies and livestocks for pass-on grants

Farmers’ Clubs supported by Humana People to People China

• 2008/06-2013/12 Yunnan Zhenkang County Farmers’ Clubs Project
• 2010/01-2013/12 Yunnan Yuanyang County Farmers’ Clubs Project
• 2011/02-2013/12 Chongqing Wanzhou District Farmers’ Clubs Project
• 2012/02- present Chongqing Fengdu County Farmers’ Clubs Project
• 2014/01- present Chongqing Wulong County Farmers’ Clubs Project