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she returned to her hometown and joined the early childhood development project

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Author: Publicity assistant Yin Yueyuan


"I knew from the first time I met her that she was a persistent and dauntless person..."

This is the project leader Dong Baoyan’s true evaluation of Tenglong library librarian Shang Hongqin.


Shang Hongqin, who has been engaged in early childhood education in Shanghai for nearly 8 years, returned to Wuhe Township, Tengchong City, southwest Yunnan, for personal reasons. By chance, she learned that Tengchong Children's Library project was recruiting a librarian, so she went to apply.

At the first interview, Shang Hongqin won the praise of the project leader with her professional knowledge and rich experience, but considering that her child was just born, it seemed more appropriate for her mother to spend time and energy to take care of her child, so the project leader did not immediately reply to her application, but asked her to go back and wait for result.

Shang Hongqin was the most capable of all the interviewees, but as a "new mother", can she devote herself to her work? This was the only concern of the project leader. A few days later, Shang Hongqin looked for the project leader, asking once again based on her many years of experience in early childhood education to prove that she is suitable for this position, and explained that the child is taken care of by the family, and she can balance the relationship between family and work.

In the end, Shang Hongqin with her tough perseverance, dispelled the concerns of the project leader, and got the job of librarian.

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Tenglang Library is open 4 days a week, 5 hours a day, there are 20 children here, Shang Hongqin needs to complete the site arrangement, disinfection, reception of parents and children, holding of activities, site cleaning and other work every day.

For Shang Hongqin, who worked with children for a long time: managing the library and getting along with children, she does have a set of methods. At the same time, she did not let her daughter affecting her daily work. On the contrary, she is a good mother at home and a good teacher in library management.


Under the management of Shang Hongqin, the books and toys facilities of Tenglang Library are neatly placed, and the environment is clean and orgnized, which attracts many parents to play with their children every day.

"Not only is she good at teaching, but she is also very thoughtful and will consider the children." The project leader said.

Because of the uneven age of the children who go to the library, the youngest just started walking since a few months, taking into account the safety of these children and meeting the requirements of young children's crawling, Shang Hongqin proposed to the project to configure the library with sponge mats.

In addition, it is challenging to make appropriate guidance and teaching for children of different ages in the library, which is beyond the scope of Hongqin's previous experience. In the continuous practice and exploration, Shang Hongqin developed new ideas. Since the children attending the library are of mixed age, Shang Hongqin uses age-specific guidance to attract children's attention and to achieve their guidance and development.


Shang Hongqin's professional management and education of the library have been well received by parents and villagers.

This job means a lot to her. As a rural "mother", she knows that parents and caregivers in the village are accustomed to using traditional methods in the process of raising children, and the implementation of the project can help everyone to solve the need for scientific parenting.


Choosing to join this public welfare project not only fulfilled Shang Hongqin's educational dream, but also brought support and help to her neighbors and villagers. In the future, she will continue to take this perseverance and tenacity to accompany the village children to grow up healthily and happily in the library!


Project introduction:

The Tengchong Genwell-HPP Community Library project is supported by GenWell Foundation and Planet Aid Inc. In cooperation with Tengchong Women's Federation and Tengchong Education and Sports Bureau, the project allocates village-level children's centers, recruiting and training child development and librarians, aiming to promote scientific parenting concepts and skills, improve community family education guidance services, strengthen scientific parenting publicity and advocacy, promote family construction and healthy development of children, and achieve sustainable development of rural children aged 0-4.


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This project is supported by the Genwell Foundation.


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