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Take stock of the interesting stories that happen in the Community Library

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Photo source: Dong Baoyan, project leader of the HPP

The project is supported by the GenWell Foundation and Planet Aid Inc. and sets up six village-level children's activity centers in Tengchong City, focusing on family education and scientific parenting, to provide parent-child games, parent-child companionship, learning and play services for children aged 0-4 in the village, and solves the problem of growth education for young children in rural families.

Most of the children who go to the Community Library are aged 0-4 years and under the guidance of the librarians they have many interesting stories with their parents or grandparents to tell every day.


Follow Dong Baoyan, the project leader, into the library and learn the interesting things about the lovely rural children!


1. Bawai Library:  Today I am a policeman !!


The job of "police" is the dream of many young boys.

Just having turned 4 years Junjun pesters his mother or grandmother to play "catch the thief" game, and he has been playing the role of the police.

At the beginning, once or twice, the family will cooperate to play, but noone is willing to accompany the army to play this game again, and everyone feels a little bored.

When Junjun was a little upset because his family didn't play games with him, his mother took him to the library.


When he walked into the library, Junjun had a new idea. He could invite his friends to play that cool game together.

At the beginning of the activity, the librarian Xinglin explained to everyone that today's game is "playing police with different identities". This time,  Junjun was so happy that he thought he must be a policeman.

Xinglin first explained to the children the duties of different police, help phone numbers, and then asked two children to simulate the role play activities of calling for help when encountering danger and fire.

Junjun first raised his hand and took the initiative to act as the police who caught the thief. With the cooperation of another child, we soon remembered that when encountering bad people and thieves, we should call 110 for help.

In the same way,  the children in the library all remembered to call the 110, 120 or 119 emergency numbers correctly, depending on the situation.



2. Bawai Library: I want to be a good child

Pipi, 4 years old, recently discovered that people don't like naughty children. He often left his toys all over the house, and at first his parents would criticize him severely, but he never corrected himself. After many times the family gave up on him and no longer deliberately said anything. Especially the grandparents always say "the child is still young, it messes up and then we clean up."

But when Pipi robs other children's toys in the library, the teacher will keep persuading Pipi every time to stop this "small thing", and Pipi thinks the teacher is very boring.

After some time, Pippi found that everyone deliberately kept a certain distance from him, like hiding from him. He participates in building blocks, and the children who are playing with blocks suddenly stop playing. Pipi also found that no children asked him to play toys, his mood in the library is getting lower and lower day by day, he is not interested in playing toys.


Xinglin, librarian, found Pipi's mood changes and specifically communicated with his mother. The mother felt that a child having a few days with high spirits and then for a few days a low spirit is normal, especially these days Pipi’s mother thought he is a "good child", he does not make trouble and he does not find trouble.

But Xinglin is not impressed, especially when she finds that no children in the library want to play with Pipi.

The next day, Xinglin offered to play with Pipi with

 wear beads. Not knowing what to do, Pipi agreed to the teacher at once.

In the game with Pipi beads, Xinglin deliberately slowed down to let Pipi win. Winning the game Pipi felt the joy of playing with his partner and the sense of achievement brought by the game. Xinglin asked Pipi, is it fun to play games together?

Pipi nodded. Then, Xinglin will guide Pipi to realize that other small partners do not play with him because they are afraid that he will rob the toys.


Pipi suddenly realized that everyone doesn't like naughty children.

"I will be a good boy in the future." Pipi told Xinglin .

Then Xinglin also talked to Pipi’s mother on this matter and encouraged her to develop correct and good behavior habits at home.


3. Puchuan Library: I won the first prize in the button-up contest

"Oh yeah, I won the button-down contest!"

Lele today can be happy, through the library organized button-up competition, she found that she is the best.

Lele is three and a half years old, and more and more likes to do her own things, such as dressing, washing vegetables, sweeping the floor. Every time at home, she had to rush to do it, but grandma always hated that she was not only slow, but also clumsy, and would not let her do some new attempts.

But in the library it is different, the librarian Gu Yandong always encourages Lele and other children to do it by themselves, and only when they encounter problems will she help and guide them.


Two days ago, in order to exercise the children's fine movements and hand-eye coordination, Gu Yandong brought old clothes from home to carry out the "button up" activity. She let the children practice on their own, and then organized groups of children to compete to see who could finish the button first.

Lele, who is curious about new things, can be strong with buttoning - her left and right hands cooperate with each other, and she soon finished all the buttons, and won the first place in the competition.

After the game, Gu Yandong specially praised Lele to her grandma. The grandmother replied: At home, she is quick to learn new things and likes to try things she has never done before. But we always feel that she is a child, when she tries to help us do things, she does not do them well, most of the time we do not let her try themo.

In response to grandma's feedback, Gu Yandong specifically told grandma to encourage and accompany children to boldly try new things, and then grandma felt that the teacher's words made sense.

Winning the competition inspired Lele's curiosity to try new things. In the future, she has her family on her side to explore and discover with her, and tomorrow she may learn to sweep the floor.



According to Dong Baoyan, every time doing library supervision she can find a lot of interesting stories, the villagers are very good at evaluating the library, this is not only a good place for children, parents also learn here how to scientifically raise and educate children. Now the library is becoming so popular that people from neighboring villages are willing to take their time and spend a few hours with their children.

The world of children is always colorful and colorful, welcome to our library, and feel the innocence and fun in the world of children with me!



Project introduction:

The Tengchong Genwell-HPP Community Library project is supported by GenWell Foundation and Planet Aid Inc. In cooperation with Tengchong Women's Federation and Tengchong Education and Sports Bureau, the project allocates village-level children's centers, recruiting and training child development and librarians, aiming to promote scientific parenting concepts and skills, improve community family education guidance services, strengthen scientific parenting publicity and advocacy, promote family construction and healthy development of children, and achieve sustainable development of rural children aged 0-4.

This project is supported by the Genwell Foundation.

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