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Beautiful Yunnan, green and low-carbon life enters the Campus

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—Yunnan low carbon schools pilot project initial seminar held


On May 19, 2020, the initial seminar of "Yunnan Low Carbon School Pilot Project" of the  Spanish Foundation ‘Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo’ / The Federation For Associations Connected To The International Humana People To People Movement (Switzerland) Yunnan Representative Office (‘YNRO’) was officially held in Hetai hotel. More than 20 people attended the seminar, including Humana People to People, Morality Education Division of Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, 3. Southwest Forestry University Yunnan/ Biodiversity Research Institute (‘SWFU’), Yunnan Academy for Scientific and Technnological Information/ Yunnan CDM Technical Service Center (‘YASTI’), Guangzhou Yuexiu Climate Environment Protection Center (China Youth Climate Action Network – ‘CYCAN’), Yunnan Pesticide Eco-Alternatives Center (‘PEAC’), Yunnan Province Environmental Protection Publicity and Education Center.


Group photo  

Michael Hermann, Chief Rrepresentative of Humana People to People Yunnan Representative Office and Action Team Leader, first introduced the "Yunnan Low Carbon School Pilot Project" which was 550 days underway, from the initial idea to the final project approval. The whole process of preparing the project concept letter and application letter was completed in full accordance with the strict requirements of the European Union and with the commitment to accurately implement every specific output, outcom and planned impact.


Workshop site

"Yunnan Low Carbon Schools Pilot Project" is an innovative project with the aim to improve the public awareness of Climate Change, promote carbon energy saving and carbon neutrality. At present, there is no other project in Yunnan Province matching this. Michael also said that the biggest advantage of non-governmental organizations is that they are innovative and flexible. We need to learn and innovate constantly, so as to adapt to every external environment change. In addition, Michael also introduced the Humana People to People network.


Speech by Michael Hermann, Chief Representative of FAIHPP YNRO(first from left)

Pan Guangwei, Director of the Morality Education Division of Yunnan Provincial Department of Education, said at the seminar that “Yunnan should strive to (with the support of the provincial Party committee and the provincial government) be leading in creating an ecological civilization and establish an ecological and humanistic view. The creation of an ecological civilization is not a single activity, but an all-round and thorough cut through. In addition to foster ‘Homo Economicus’, we must also foster ‘Homo Ecologicus’ to better deal with the relationship between man and nature. I believe that under the leadership of the Provincial Education Department, we will whistle blow and build a platform to protect the biodiversity of Yunnan. In the future, we hope that Yunnan children can integrate the awareness of green development into their study and life, and carry on the responsibility of ecological civilization construction from generation to generation, so as to make the southern sky of colorful cloud bluer, mountains greener, water cleaner, environment more beautiful and people's life happier”.


Speech by Pan Guangwei, Drector of the Morality Education Division of Yunnan Provincial Department of Education (fourth from the right)

At the meeting, the project cooperation organizations Yunnan Academy for Science and Technical Information, CYCAN, Southwest Forestry University and PEAC successively introduced their organization profiles, project activities, low-carbon school pilot project plans and objectives in detail.

Li Yun, the Section chief of the Education section of the Yunnan Province Environmental Protection Publicity and Education Center, introduced the general situation of ‘Green Schools’ in Yunnan Province, the evaluation indicators, the introduction to the implementation guide of environmental education in primary and secondary schools in China, and the introduction to the activities of Green Schools in Yunnan Province.


Wang Xiaoli, Director of CDM center of Yunnan Academy of Scientific and Technological Information, made a speech (first from the right)


Zheng Xiaowen, executive director of Chinese Youth Climate Action Network (third from left)


Speech by Chen Yuanshu, Director of Science Popularization Department of Yunnan Biodiversity Research Institute, Southwest Forestry University (first from left)


Yang Hongyan, Executive Director of Yunnan Pesticide Eco-Alternatives Technology Center, introduced a PPT.

At the same time, Fundacion Pueblo Para Pueblo (Humana People to People member in Spain) CEO Jesper Wohlert via video-link introduced the general situation of the organization, the projects carried out and the climate change projects.

In order to successfully implement the project in the future, all participants then in details studyied and discussed the Low-Carbon School Pilot Project project description and logical framework, and expressed opinions on the existing problems and solutions.


Jesper Wohlert, HPP Spain, introduces the general situation of the organization and the climate change projects

From May 20 to 21, YNRO continued the internal workshop where all project partners studied and learned about EU rules on finance, publicity and intellectual property rights, the projects evaluation- and communication materials, and how to select IEC materials. At the seminar, Humana People to People Spain and YASTI introduced the situation of global climate change and Yunnan climate change. YNRO further discussed and studied the project implementation plans, indicators and other relevant contents together with each partner, formulated the next work plan and objectives, and finally unified the projects implementation plans.


David from HPP Spain introduces global Climate Change online


Qiao Yunwen from YNRO introduces the financial management rules of EU, related to the project


Whiteboard discussion

Among these partners, YASTI is mainly responsible for estimating the carbon footprint of public schools involved into the project, technical support for low carbon solutions and the development of mobile phone APPs for estimating emissions..
In addition to project partners, two professional companies participated May 22 morning in the meeting at YASTI to discuss the development of the APPs.


Meeting on Development of APP’s


"We must protect the ecological environment as we protect our eyes, treat the ecological environment as we treat our lives, and strive to make Yunnan leading in the construction of ecological civilization..." We should keep up with the guidelines put forward by General Secretary Xi Jinping during his visit to Yunnan, and implement the project of "low carbon campus" to compose a new chapter of beautiful Yunnan.



Project introduction:

Yunnan Low Carbon School Pilot Project is jointly funded by the European Union and Fundacion Pueblo Para Pueblo (‘FPP’). “The Federation For Associations Connected To The International Humana People To People Movement (Switzerland) Yunnan Representative Office” cooperates as affiliated entity on behalf of FPP with Yunnan Academy for Scientific and Technological Information, Southwest Forestry University, Chinese Youth Climate Action Network and Yunnan Pesticide Eco-Alternatives Center to implement the project from January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2023. First and foremost, the project improves the partners' awareness and publicity ability on climate change mitigation and environmental protection issues, so as to improve the awareness of climate change among 600 schools, 70,000 students and teachers, determine the emission benchmarks through basic calculations, and then implement the emission reduction work. The project uses science, technology, innovation and other means in "climate actions" to accelerate the sustainable development of the environment, and promote the transition of Green Schools to low-carbon and carbon neutral schools.

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This project is supported by the European Union and Humana People to People Spain.

This paper only represents the author's point of view and has nothing to do with the sponsor's position.