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The Motherland is Always in Our Hearts

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Author: Tengchong project team


Early in the morning, the children came to the preschool in the cool autumn wind, with the fragrance of rice flowers. Unconsciously, in this golden moment refreshed by the cool breeze of autumn, we ushered in the 71st anniversary of our motherland. On September 29, 2020, we held the activity of "National Day Celebration" in the senior, middle and junior preschools in Cunjiazhai Village, Tengchong County.


Before the activity, there must be a lot of questions in the children's heads about the history of National Day and why they should celebrate it.

In everyone's expectation, the teacher began to introduce the origin of the National Day.

Hearing what the teacher said, they laughed and said it was the birthday of the motherland!


On the birthday of our motherland, every child had a lot of words deep in its heart to send to their beloved motherland.

"Happy Birthday to our Motherland","Motherland will always be in our hearts", "Motherland, I love you", "Happy National Day". These children's words were all sincere wishes to our country.


The activity started. The teacher leaded the children to express their love for our motherland in a different way.

They cut the colored cardboard into circles and stuck them into strings of colorful lanterns. With the teacher's demonstration, the children learned carefully.




Since we wanted to celebrate the birthday of our motherland, we needed some candles.

The children held stickers with candles and formed a heart shape to say "Happy Birthday" to China.



We want to let the bright five-star red flags tell everyone: I love our motherland, because it is our pride.



In addition to the flag, the children also prepared beautiful paintings. Colorful fireworks were displayed at Tiananmen in Beijing, where we’ve been dreaming of to visit.



The school was bedecked with red flags and lanterns, which were filled with children’s best wishes to their motherland.

Through making red flags and lanterns, sticking posters with candles and drawing pictures, children deepened their understanding of the motherland in the simplest way so as to arouse their love for motherland.

We sincerely wish the brilliant tomorrow for our motherland and bright future for the children!



Project introduction:

Funded by Tin Ka Ping Foundation, Project of the Preschool of The Future in Cunjiazhai Village, Tengchong County, taking preschool education as its breakthrough point, renovated idle houses and used them as classrooms to organize non-profit preschools in the village. Parents recruit and train local young people with a junior high school degree or above to become qualified preschool teachers. The curriculum revolves around knowledge of nature, animals, nutrition, health, as well as how to express themselves through art and music. Classes with different ages, ensure children aged 3-6 to make full preparations for primary school. At the same time, the local community was organized to establish a parent committee to participate in the management of the preschool. Through accompanied by preschool teachers and children of the same age, left-behind children can grow up with physical and mental health, narrow the gap of preschool education between rich and poor areas, and break the vicious cycle of intergenerational transmission of poverty.


The project is supported by Tin Ka Ping Foundation.

The article only represents the author's personal views, and is not related to the funder.


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