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Lipoid Foundation visited Preschools of The Future in Qiaojia County

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From September 23 to 24, 2020, accompanied by the principles of the central schools of Chongxi Town and Laowu Village in Qiaojia County, team members of Qiaojia project, Meng Weijun, Chief Representative of Lipoid Foundation (Germany) Beijing Representative Office, Wu Yijun, Project Manager, and Michael Hermann, Chief Representative of the International HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE Movement (Switzerland) Yunnan Representative Office, etc. went to visit the Laowu Village Preschool and Anju Village Preschool in Chongxi Town, Qiaojia County.


Visiting group

On September 23, the team visited the Laowu Village Preschool, Chongxi Town. The project leader led the group to visit the preschool and introduced the basic information and teaching plan.

Subsequently, the opening ceremony of the preschool was held. At the opening ceremony, Meng Weijun, Michael Hermann and Guo Jiabin, Director of Education Section of Qiaojia Education and Sports Bureau,and the headmasters of the Central Primary school and the Laowu Primary school delivered speeches.

They all expressed their happiness to have the opportunity to participate in the opening ceremony of The Preschool Of The Future in Laowu Village. It was hard for the preschool to continue to run normally in the special period affected by the pandemic in 2020. We hoped that we can make joint efforts to provide quality preschool education services for children in remote mountainous areas, and bring them more happiness.


Opening ceremony of Laowu Village Preschool

Afterwards, Meng Weijun and Michael Hermann together unveiled the plaque for Laowu Village Preschool, with best wishes to the school and children.


Meng Weijun and Michael Hermann are unveiling the plaque for Laowu Village Preschool

In order to learn more about Preshools of The Future, the team visited Anju Village Preschool funded by Lipoid Foundation (Germany) Beijing Representative Office that afternoon. Preschool of The Future in Anju Village opened classed on May 25, 2020. The teaching activities are carried out according to the five major fields in the Guidebook for Learning and Development of Children Aged 3-6.During the visit, children from Laowu Village Preschool also performed “Lollipop” and “Kitten”dances.


Children in Anju Village Preschool are having an open class

Kids' performance won warm applause of the audience. The teacher introduced that these dances were taught soon after the term started, but the children learned very carefully and even pestered the teachers to help them remember the dance movements after class.


Group photo of Laowu Village Preschool opening ceremony

After visiting the preschool, the team had an exchange meeting with the parents from Laowu Village Preschool and paid a visit to children whose family is in plight.

By face-to-face communication, it was clear that all of parents attach great importance to children's education, even in family with financial problems, the parents would send their children to the preschool. When children went back from the preschool, they could eat by themselves, volunteer to help their parents do housework, and show songs and dance performances they learned to their parents. And that, above all, made parents feel gratified.


Visit the homes of students

At the parent-teacher conference, Li Jiancai, an officer of Humana People to People, added that the age of 3 to 6 is a critical stage for child development. The daily teaching of Preschools of The Future is dominated by games and learning through play. At the same time, it pays attention to cultivate children's good health habits. Therefore, children in Preschools of The Future will gradually learn to wash their faces, brush their teeth and eat by themselves in 2-3 weeks.


On site of the parent-teacher conference of the Anju Village Preschool

The next day, the team visited the Preschool of The Future in Fatu Village. The Fatu Village Preschool is funded by the World Bank Loan Project and implemented by Humana People to People. Since the opening of the class, the hardware and software have been greatly improved. In addition, under the guidance of Humana People to People trainer team, the preschool teachers have obtained the national preschool teacher certificate through their own efforts. 



The team visited the Fatu Village Preschool

During the visit, according to the principal of Fatu Village primary school, after the implementation of the project of Humana People to People Preschool of The Future, many local relevant departments reflected that it didn’t differ from urban preschools, and the class culture was even richer than that of the urban ones.


An exchange meeting of visiting group and Fatu Village Preschool’s staff

As for the introduction of the principal, Mr. Meng Weijun said that his participation in the implementation of Preschools of the Future of Humana People to People aimed to provide more preschool education opportunities for rural children. This trip to Qiaojia County was mainly to visit the two preschools. After communicating with parents and teachers at the opening ceremony of Laowu Village Preschool, we were deeply touched by this meaningful project, and hoping to continue to support more preschools with Humana People to People in Qiaojia county. Therefore, we came to Fatu Village Preschool for a temporary visit today to learn the preschool management and teaching of different project modes, and strive to better serve the children in mountainous areas.


Mr. Meng Weijun and Mr. Michael Hermann are interacting with children


Group photo of visiting group

After two days of field visits, the team learned that Preschools of the Future projects of Humana People to People were always carried out in the much-needed and remote rural areas. Since the project was launched, it has not only been strongly supported by the local education department, but also positively affirmed by teachers and parents. In the next few years, we hope to work together towards the common goal of “bringing a better future to children in remote rural areas by providing quality preschool education services”.

Project introduction:

Funded by Germany Lipoid Foundation, “HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE’s Preschools of The Future in Anju and Laowu Village of Qiaojia County” is implemented in cooperation with the Federation for Associations connected to the International HUMANA PEOPLE TO PEOPLE Movement (Switzerland) Yunnan Office and the Yunnan Youth Development Foundation.

The project takes pre-school education as the breakthrough point, to establish standardized preschools in poor rural areas. The project renovates and decorates idle rooms in the village and uses them as classrooms to provide a safe and comfortable learning and playing environment for children. The curriculum focuses on the knowledge of nature, animals, nutrition and health, as well as how to express themselves through art and music, so that preschool-age children living in rural areas can also get all-round development in morality, intelligence, physique and arts. Enrolling children aged 3-6 in classes with different ages, the project starts from two modules: teaching hardware upgrade and teacher development. At the same time, the project supervises and manages the daily operation of the preschool, assists teachers in training parents, creates a safe and healthy learning and living environment for those children, allows them to enjoy a quality pre-school education, enables them to obtain diversified opportunities for healthy growth, and make full preparations for entering primary school.


The article only represents the author's personal views, and is not related to the funder.

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